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NHL analyst’s watch destroyed while covering game between benches (video)

Mike Johnson, the color commentator for the Winnipeg Jets, took his spot between the benches in what has become something of a fad during hockey broadcasts: stationing a guy in harm’s way in order to get an up-close take on the action on the ice. Given the proximity of flying pucks and hockey players flying about at incredible speeds, it can be quite the precarious position to be in…just ask Mike Johnson.

Jets center Jim Slater’s heavy check on Philadelphia Claude Giroux sent the Flyers player a bit over the barricade. And while the barricade kept Giroux’s body on the playing surface, the momentum of the check caused Giroux’s stick to come slashing down on Johnson’s wrist, snapping the band on his watch, rendering it unwearable.

In light of his close call, Johnson should get hazard pay for his stint between the benches on Tuesday night, not to mention reimbursement from his bosses for his ruined timepiece. It’s only fair.

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