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Keegan Bradley apologizes for ‘spitting’ during Northern Trust Open (video)

After receiving a bit of a backlash for cameras catching him spitting during his pre-shot routine during the Northern Trust Open last weekend, Keegan Bradley took to Twitter to issue a formal apology:

Bradley received plenty of attention during televised coverage of the tournament, in particular on Sunday, given his taking part in a three-way playoff with fellow competitors Phil Mickelson and Bill Haas (who held off Philly Dog and Bradley to win on the second extra hole), so it comes as no surprise that given the extended time on camera that Bradley was spotted spitting on numerous occasions, one of which is documented in the above video.

Bradley continued his loogie-hocking mea culpa on Tuesday as he prepared for the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship:

“I was very surprised to see the replay of the telecast to see how much I was spitting,” he said. “To be honest with you, I really had no idea I was doing it. And I feel bad. I just ask everybody to just kind of bear with me as I go through this, because it’s something I’ve done without even knowing it. But I will do my best to stop. It’s something that I’m glad has come up, because I’m able to kind of nip it now.

While it is commendable that Bradley has owned up to the unique component of his pre-shot routine, to me it is much ado about nothing. Granted, golf has the reputation of being something of a hoity-toity sport, and the negative reactions to a relatively innocuous act — it’s hardly noticeable — by those in the golf community certainly exemplifies that very nature. If this were any other television sport than golf — well, perhaps except for tennis — not much would have been said or written regarding what occurred.

Moreover, Bradley’s subtle spitting wasn’t over-the-top in the least, as was the case when Sergio Garcia crudely spit into the cup at Doral in 2007, nor when Tiger Woods spit on the green in Dubai in 2011. Let’s put this all in proper perspective. Maybe if Bradley did his spitting routine with the entire world watching while on the 18th at Augusta during the Masters, sure, perhaps it is worthy of discussion. But an act so benign it hardly can be noticed on video hardly seems worth it.