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Hornets big man Solomon Jones has a ginormous back tattoo of Florida (pic)

News that will shock you: Solomon Jones is from Florida. Imagine how weird that tattoo would be if he were from Connecticut.

Featuring a map of Florida, including an image of the road sign for Highway 441, which essentially dissects the Sunshine State from north to south, as well as a reference to the area code 352, which happens to be the area code for Gainesville, Fla., but also the numbers on a telephone that spell out “F-L-A,” Jones’ back is an epic homage to his home state, all the way down to the presence of an alligator and a palm tree. An orange would have really tied the whole thing together.

Jones, who was recently released by the Los Angeles Clippers and picked up by the New Orleans Hornets, appears to be continuing east, closer and closer to his home state (he was born in Eustis, Fla.), where he grew up and attended college at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get dropped by the Hornets and sign on with the Heat or Magic. That way he could add some more ink to that back of his to properly document the locale of the NBA team in Florida he will play for…if there’s space left.

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