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Chiropractor receives endorsement from Derrick Rose on national TV

Anybody who has been following the NBA this season is well aware that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has been dealing with a wonky back as of late. Returning Monday after a nearly two-week layoff for a match-up with the Atlanta Hawks, Rose took a moment while being interviewed by ESPN’s Doris Burke for a segment on SportsCenter to sing the praises of the fine job performed on his ailing back by Dr. Stuart Yoss, the 17-year head of the Bannockburn Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center in Deerfield, Ill.

Said Rose, via the Chicago Tribune:

“…the whole week I was seeing a great chiropractor, Stuart Yoss. He did a great job of getting me back.”

Voss, a self-described “huge sports fan” who has worked with other Chicago-area teams (White Sox, Bears and Blackhawks) didn’t initially see his name mentioned on national television as he was working at the time, but knew something strange was up when people began reaching out to him:

“A lot of friends and family started texting and calling me,” Yoss said. “A bunch of friends sent the clip and when I was done working, I watched it. I was shocked. To hear my name on ‘SportsCenter’ was above and beyond.”

Voss didn’t even mind that Rose mispronounced his name — it’s “Yass,” not “Yoss” — saying, “Just to be part of and included in his care was an honor.” Yeah, that and the fact that he is now the likely most well-known and most-liked chiropractor in the Chicagoland area, given he was at least a part of getting Rose back on the court. Talk about great publicity for his practice. That’s like Joakim Noah giving a ringing endorsement to some guy’s head shop.