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The Racing Presidents took their rivalry to the ice and it was amusing (video)

In honor of President’s Day, the Racing Presidents took something of a road trip to make a cameo appearance during an NHL game between the New York Islanders and the Ottawa Senators at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Monday.

Longtime fan favorites at Washington Nationals home games where their fourth inning sprint around the ballpark is always enjoyed by all those in attendance, the Racing Presidents strapped on their skates and with their enormous heads atop their bodies, the Presidents (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt) took to the ice.

Not surprisingly, in light of their inexperience speeding along on such an icy surface (not to mention the intense rivalry which exists between these former heads of state), the pace wasn’t the quickest, especially after George checked Teddy into the bench.

Frustrated but undeterred, Teddy gave up trying to compete and win the race, instead choosing to wait near the finish line to exact his revenge, something he did accomplish when he took out his three fellow competitors with an unorthodox, leaping body check. Although in light of Roosevelt’s well-known quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” and given the presence of such implements readily available nearby, perhaps we should be grateful it was only his body which he used to take down his opponents.