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Japanese promo for UFC uses South Park’s ‘Let’s Fighting Love’, is awesome (Video)

Holy crap. The time it required to view this Japanese promo for UFC 144 had to be one of the coolest, most hilarious and at the same time subtly disconcerting minute of YouTube viewing I have ever engaged in. And that’s saying something.

I don’t claim to know much about mixed martial arts, nor have I ever boasted to being a Japanese animation aficionado, but when someone is savvy enough to put those two things together for a UFC promotional video and incorporates the awesome “Let’s Fighting Love” song from the South Park episode, “Good Times with Weapons” for the soundtrack, well, I have no choice but to tip my cap and pay tribute to sheer genius of it all. Bravo.

“Taisetsu na mono protect my balls.” You can’t help but laugh every time you hear that.