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Vancouver schoolchildren clean up graffiti on Boston Bruins player’s church (pic)

If you hadn’t heard, mouth-breathing ingrates (or a lone ingrate) vandalized the family church of Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic in Burnaby, BC. The words “F*** LUCIC” and “GO CANUCKS” were spray-painted upon the exterior of the church along with a crude drawing of male genitalia. Classy.

You see, Lucic hails from the Vancouver area and audaciously allowed the Boston Bruins to draft him. Even worse, Lucic went on to win a Stanley Cup championship with the Bruins last season when he and his teammates defeated the hometown Canucks. What a jerk, right?

Well, as is often the case with the fine people of Canada, do-gooders were not going to sit idly by and allow a couple of cretins (or sole cretin) besmirch the good name and good people of their community, so a group of schoolchildren assembled at the church to clean up the graffiti. Good job, kids. Let’s hope they track down the vandals who perpetrated this egregious act and they get what’s coming to them.

[image via Globe & Mail’s David Ebner’s Twitter account by way of Pro Hockey Talk]