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Reporter refers to Gary Carter as ‘one of the elite pitchers in baseball history’ (video)

Oh dear. I’m the kind of person who gets way too embarrassed for other people’s humiliating gaffes far too easily. For instance, I often won’t watch performances of the national anthem at big sporting events because I’m worried the singer will screw up and then I am compelled to feel super awkward for the person.

Well, this poor, poor (and grossly under-prepared and uniformed) reporter for WNYW (FOX 5 New York) now has her own YouTube video that — at least in some corners of the interwebs — will live on in humiliating infamy. Adrienne Supino, discussing the sad passing of Hall of Famer Gary Carter, says “Kid” “will be remembered as one of the elite pitchers in baseball history.” Ouch.

In the grand scheme of things, is this the end of the world? No. Not at all. A minor slip-up by a person who probably knows little about baseball and couldn’t care less what position Gary Carter played. Supino is likely a more-than-capable journalist that simply was having a bad day at an inopportune time.

Will this set Miss Supino’s career into a downward spiral which she will never recover. Doubtful. Is watching her get her facts all screwed up completely cringe-worthy? Absolutely.

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