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Dereck Chisora slaps Vitali Klitschko during weigh-in, assuring annihilation (video)


On Saturday, Feb. 18, Dereck Chisora will be the heavy, heavy underdog in his bout with 6’7″ heavyweight bruiser Vitali Klitschko. During the official weigh-in for the big fight, Chisora foolishly smacked Klitschko. Hard.

BBC Sport boxing reporter Mike Costello was there and he submitted this description of the chaotic events:

“Somehow, Klitschko refrained from hitting back,” said Costello. “He looked shocked. It has never happened to him before.”

Chisora, 28, is a big underdog going into the fight but insisted on Thursday he would take Klitschko’s title.

“I will end the Klitschko reign and cause a massive upset,” said the Londoner. “It is the end for Vitali, I promise you.”

According to Costello, Chisora hit out at Klitschko as they posed for photographs following the weigh-in.

“Chisora leant back and slapped Klitschko hard – very hard – with his right hand on the left-hand side of Klitschko’s face,” he said.

“[It was] quite disgraceful behaviour from Chisora.”

Video follows.

Uh, yeah. Bad Idea Act of Aggression. As the saying goes, “Never wake a sleeping giant.” Chisora just did. Literally.

I’m no boxing expert, nor am I well-versed in the many vagaries that go into the art of pugilism, but slapping a guy who will likely impart a severe beatdown upon you comes across as simply foolish. And as far as Chisora’s ultimate fate in the bout is concerned, allow me to quote the great fictional boxer Clubber Lang and say my prediction for the fight is…