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Watch Randy Moss catch passes from Michael Vick in a prison yard (Taiwanese Animation)

Well, this is certainly an interesting take on Randy Moss announcing his intentions of making an NFL comeback. The video does a fairly accurate job of depicting some of the transgressions committed by Randy Moss during his NFL career — the nod to “Straight cash, homey” was a nice touch — but not surprisingly, NMA World Edition took some artistic license in the ways they illustrated some of the low points from Moss’ career.

For instance, the animated images of Moss catching passes from Michael Vick in a prison yard was an interesting choice. Obviously, the folks at NMA World Edition got some inspiration from watching The Longest Yard or something. Hopefully, it was the original version of the flick, not the awful remake with Adam Sandler. For their sake.

This was certainly not an example of their finest work, but I’m not sure it rises to the level of a “disgusting act,” although Joe Buck might beg to differ.