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Renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth uses Linsanity to get freaky-deaky on Twitter

Any child of the ’80s who had basic cable and parents who didn’t always supervise their television viewing undoubtedly has fond memories of Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Although I cannot remember what channel it was on nor the time it aired, I do recall watching her sex advice program and cackling maniacally due to her frank discussions of sexuality, especially every time she would say in her German accent, “You have to masturbate.” Hey, when you’re ten, that kind of stuff is hilarious.

Moving on to the present day, unbeknownst to me, Dr. Ruth is still at it. At 83, she remains a staunch proponent of dealing with human sexuality and discussing it frankly, openly and honestly. Now comes word from hypervocal (by way of @JimmyTraina) that Dr. Ruth has co-opted the Jeremy Lin phenomenon in order to get a little frisky on Twitter, using Linsanity sprinkled with a dash of sexual innuendo to preach her free-wheeling idea about sex. And if ask me, that’s pretty awesome.

I mean, pick and roll? Back door play? No 24-second clock, so no stopping and popping too quickly? Sweet Fancy Moses, that’s gold.

God Bless You, Dr. Ruth. Feel free to get your freak on while on Twitter any time you please.