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Meet the Tampa Bay Rays’ new stupid dope mascot with hip hop flava, DJ Kitty (photo)


Set to debut at Rays Fans Fest this coming weekend is the new partner in crime to original Rays mascot Raymond, who goes by the streetwise name of DJ Kitty. He don’t put up with no Yankees fans polluting Tropicana Field, either, I reckon.

A sneak peek of DJ Kitty was provided by Rays communications department employee Jonathan Gantt (via Big League Stew) and as you can see, the new mascot is in your face and you better believe he comes with a full-frontal assault of attitude. You can tell by the styling cowbell he sports on a huge gold chain.

So, to all you hundreds of Rays fans who will attend games at Tropicana Field this upcoming season, be ready for DJ Kitty. Until then, the new mascot says, in the famous words of another in-your-face, anthropomorphic animal who flies in the face of convention, Poochie the Dog: “Catch you on the flip side, dudemeisters! Nooot!”