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Here’s Victoria Beckham cradling her hubby’s junk on a street in New York (photo)

Haha. You see, she’s not technically cradling husband David Beckham’s man parts in public on a street in New York City. In case you can’t tell, that’s simply a billboard featuring an image of her husband in his drawers as part of an advertisement for his H&M underwear line, not the real deal. It’s the juxtaposition of Victoria Beckham holding her hand out in such a way that it only appears that she’s got a handful of David. Otherwise, that would be dreadfully inappropriate display of a public display of affection. Gee, I’m surprised you couldn’t figure that one out for yourself.

Anyway, Mrs. Beckham is in New York City for Fashion Week and couldn’t help herself so she engaged in some photographic trickery, the evidence of which David Beckham uploaded to his Facebook page with the message, “So proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls.” Ha. By the balls. The phrasing is funny, you see, because…

Actually, I’ll leave that one up to you to decipher.

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