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Here’s the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot taking a crotchful of metal railing (video)

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Ladies and gentlemen, a video that perfectly depicts how Cavaliers fans felt when LeBron James skipped town.

While entertaining the fans at a recent Cleveland Cavaliers home game at Quicken Loans arena, Moondog, the canine team mascot, lost his bearings but for a moment while performing a balance beam act on top of a metal railing. What happens next was probably quite uncomfortable. In fact, painful might be the better description, as Moondog comes crashing down on the railing square on his crotchal region. Male readers can shift uncomfortably in their chairs now.

Now, the lengths mascots will go to amuse and delight fans should never be questioned, but attempting to pull off this stunt is just plain nuts. Pun intended.

In light of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s known affinity for a particular font, I’d argue that Moodog’s new nickname should be Comic Sans Testicles.