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Yep, the New York Post went there, referred to Jeremy Lin’s game-winner as ‘AMASIAN!’ (pic)

Hoo boy. Leave it to the New York Post to tiptoe along the lines of what constitutes good taste and appropriateness and what things do not with their sometimes witty, often controversial back page headlines. Jeremy Lin continued with his rapid ascension to cult hero with more heroics on Tuesday night when the guard hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer late in the 4th quarter to break a tie with the Toronto Raptors and lead the New York Knicks to a thrilling 90-87 victory.

In light of Lin’s game-winning shot, the Post elected to highlight Lin’s ethnicity with the headline, “AMASIAN.” You know, because Jeremy Lin is of Asian descent and stuff and what he did on Tuesday night was amazing, hence it was apparently “AMASIAN,” at least to the cretins who write headlines for the New York Post. Solid effort, everyone. And if I have a finger on the pulse of the country as well as I think I do, not one soul will find this offensive at all. Nope.