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Somehow, this Taiwanese animation video has something to do with Kate Upton

More specifically, it supposedly has something to do with Kate Upton’s involvement with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Actually, the summary of the video from NMA World Edition does include this caveat:

Kate Upton is the cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012. Sports Illustrated did not shoot this year’s Swimsuit Edition in Taiwan with Taiwanese women, so we created our own version of Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Swimsuit Issue with our hot bikini models Jen Jen and Vanessa, as well as an animated Kate Upton in her tiny bikini. Enjoy!

Okay then, just so I’m clear on this: more or less, the only thing this video has to do with Kate Upton is the mere mention of her name in the title (“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Kate Upton, Taiwanese models”) and a few seconds of an animated hottie who bears a passing resemblance to Kate Upton in the first few seconds of the video. Other than that, the entirety of the video is nothing more than animated Taiwanese women being “photographed” while inanimate objects obscure their breasts from clear view. Interesting.

At first, I was going to rip NMA World Edition for this clear case of pandering, then the more I thought about it, the more I appreciated their style. Throw in a Kate Upton mention and people are compelled to click-through for a look-see. Like I just did in the title of this post. Which you then clicked on because of that fact. It’s the Circle of Internet Pageviews Life, people.