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Poll: Alaska, Delaware join South Dakota in the Linsanity Resistance Movement (pic)

Well, it looks like as it pertains to the “Jeremy Lin is the New Tim Tebow” phenomenon, there are only scant pockets of resistance within this great nation of ours as it pertains to the unstoppable spread of Linsanity. Last week, South Dakota was the only state in the Union as a whole to argue that the New York Knicks guard was not for real. Now, a new poll indicates only the states of Delaware and Alaska are holding up against the Linsanity Liberation Front.

The poll speaks for itself, which leaves me only one thing left to do: make hackneyed pop culture references to the two aforementioned resistance states.

I know you’re just dying to find out where I went with this:

Delaware: Wayne’s World

Alaska: now this is a tough one. Do I go with “It’s probably Sarah Palin’s fault” or a reference to Northern Exposure? Hmmm….

Yeah, I think I chose the more appealing reference. You gotta love the quirky antics of the residents of Cicely. Great show.