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Photo tweeted by Kris Humphries puts unfair Haterade directed at him in perspective

So, everybody hates New Jersey Nets big man Kris Humphries now because he was an unwitting (probably) participant in a ruse perpetuated by the dastardly Kardashian clan in their quest for ratings for their mind-numbingly awful reality television programs and their unquenchable thirst for attention and notoriety, no matter what the context or whether or not it is good publicity or bad. In fact, Humphries is so despised by the general public that in a recent Forbes poll, he was chosen as one of the most disliked athletes in America.

Fair? Foul? I suppose it is up to each individual person to decide that for themselves, but for his sake, the day Humphries spent with a cancer patient on Tuesday put all the negative attention, all the vitriol directed at him by the general public in its proper perspective, at least for him. He tweeted:

Spent some time with little Evan today. He’s 4 years old and battling cancer. Always be thankful for your blessings

Could this be a carefully orchestrated photo op symptomatic of the PR spins routinely perpetrated by the handlers of professional athletes? Sure, anything is possible, but I’d be hard-pressed to argue that spending one-on-one time with a little boy, who through no fault of his own, is faced with the unfair reality of having to bravely battle cancer wouldn’t at a minimum cause a person to take stock in what really matters in life, even if the reasons behind doing so weren’t for the most noble reasons, something I don’t believe in this instance. If you ask me, I choose to believe Humphries did this because he wanted to brighten the day of little Evan, because that makes far more sense to me than him playing the role of pawn in yet another shameless attention-grabbing scenario.