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Kate Upton doesn’t know if she’s dating Mark Sanchez, apparently (video)

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The prying photogs and curious cameramen of TMZ caught up with the red hot Kate Upton recently and “straight up” asked her if she is single. No word if they inquired if she was caught in a hit and run, though. Specifically, they wanted to see if they could get Miss Upton to confess to dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, a rumor that has been swirling for months now.

So, TMZ, to continue with the lame and overreaching Paula Abdul reference from the previous paragraph, how about some information — please?

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire … Mark and Kate are an item — but we asked the buxom Victoria’s Secret angel straight up … are you single … and she played coy, replying, “What do you think?”

We pressed a little more … asking if Mark was the mystery man — Kate hedged, responding, “I don’t know!”

As for the real truth — Kate tells us, “It’s whatever you think!”

Indeed, how coy of the young supermodel. But I’d like to think that she would at least have some idea whether or not she was involved with a certain someone, in this case an NFL quarterback. But then again, Kate says that “It’s whatever you think,” which is more of a non-answer than the initial “I don’t know” response. Solid work, TMZ. Your hard-hitting brand of investigative journalism truly unearthed a bounty of information about Miss Upton’s present relationship status. I’m pretty sure I actually know less about Kate Upton after watching that video than I did going in. I did learn, however, that her effervescent personality is absolutely intoxicating. Which has its own rewards, I suppose.

So, in essence, this exercise was nothing more than passingĀ  along another heaping helping of relatively useless Kate Upton fluff. Give the public what it wants, I say.