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Josh Hamilton’s first post-relapse interview will be with Glenn Beck


Sure, it’s not as pronounced of a clamor that occurred when everyone was speculating who Tiger Woods would grant his first interview to after his rampant whoremongering came to light, but it is interesting that Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton has chosen conservative talking head Glenn Beck to be the man who will preside over the first one-on-one interview him first following his relapse a few weeks ago.

From a WTAM 1100 report (via Off the Bench):

On his radio show Tuesday morning, Glenn Beck announced that Texas Rangers player Josh Hamilton will have his first sit-down interview on GBTV this Wednesday since publicly relapsing earlier this month. Beck previewed the interview by speaking with Pastor James Robison, who serves as part of the famed baseball player’s spiritual support system. The well-known faith leader will interview Hamilton while filling in for Beck as host of GBTV Thursday night.

For many, despite his ongoing struggles, Hamilton has been an inspiration. “He has been called the number one recovering drug addict in America,” Beck explained, referring to Hamilton. Recently, the famed athlete, who has publicly struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past, has been in the headlines for relapsing and consuming alcohol at a Dallas, Texas, bar.

So there you have it. Should be an interesting interview with provocative questions from Beck and equally enlightening responses from Hamilton, especially about how Hamilton’s relapse can be all pinned on Barack Obama. Or whatever. Ah, I’m just kidding. I highly doubt Beck will attempt to trace Hamilton’s moment of weakness back to the sinister actions by the President of the United States. Although that does not necessarily mean that Beck doesn’t suspect that to be true.