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Watch this dolt of a Giants fan fall two stories during Super Bowl parade (video)

At least one New York Giants fan walked limped away from the ginormous Super Bowl parade in NYC earlier this week with a little more than just memories of a good time celebrating their team’s triumphant victory over the New England Patriots. In fact, the guy in the above video, who decided it was a good idea to scale a wall and attempt to gain access to the second floor of a building likely had some bumps and bruises, scrapes and possibly some broken ankles as a keepsake of the day.

It doesn’t help that his fellow revelers coax him to continue onward and upward as he makes his ascent. Some guy even refers to him as Spider-Man. I especially enjoyed how the folks inside the building teased him a bit by opening the window, only to close it abruptly as he tried to worm his way in, despite the crowd’s chants of “Let him in! Let him in!”

Presumably exhausted and nowhere to go but down, Wall Climber Guy finally gives up the ghost or slips and plummets down to the unforgiving pavement two stories below. According to the person who forwarded the video to, the man suffered only minor injuries, possibly a concussion. Could have been worse, although the humiliation caused by having a bunch of people witness your clumsiness and reckless behavior is probably bad enough. You know, after the concussion symptoms subside.