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‘Inside the NBA’ mocks LeBron’s receding hairline with clips from ‘The Decision’ (video)

Sure, both “The Decision” and jokes about LeBron’s rapidly disappearing hairline are old hat, but that does not take away from the brilliance of this amusing little sketch starring Ernie Johnson (and a stand-in for LeBron who really doesn’t resemble LeBron, but that’s all academic) that aired during Thursday night’s edition of TNT’s Inside the NBA.

The wisenheimers behind the video do a magnificent job of interspersing clips of LeBron responding to questions in the authentic version of “The Decision” to perfectly gel with queries offered up by E.J., my favorite being when Johnson asks LeBron if he has “had his scalp looked at by anybody professionally, I mean, do ya have any idea how many hair follicles you have up there?” To which LeBron responds, “Uh, not many. It’s a very, very small number and I can count them on my fingers.” Ha. Brilliant.

Well done, Inside the NBA. You guys managed to squeeze out one more ounce of humor out of one balding man’s terrible plight. Something I wholeheartedly endorse, as does the entire crew on Inside the NBA, as evidenced by how much they apparently enjoyed the bit. Well, except for Kenny. He wanted no part of it. Spoiled sport.

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