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Florida gaming company constructed an 18-foot-tall foam LeBron James statue (video)

GAH! Kill it! Kill it!

Prime Time Amusements, a global operator, seller and event renter of video game machines and simulators, has turned some of the company’s focus upon a new division, Primetime Theming. Since the company is based in South Florida, the video point out it made perfect sense to launch its new division of prop building, foam statues and set designs by constructing an 18-foot tall foam statue of LeBron James. Makes sense.

The video gets into how the LeBron statue was constructed, and how ever minute detail of LeBron was captured. Quite interesting, but I need to bring up one concern: what if, through chants and incantations, this Foam Golem was somehow brought to life? Now that’s a terrifying proposition. It’s chilling enough when regular-sized LeBron disappears in big moments, imagine the confusion caused if LeBron Foam Golem vanished into thin air whenever a 4th quarter starts.

/weak joke
//still went with it
///seriously, the thing is kind of freaky-looking

[H/T Sweater Punch]