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Rally driver careens off cliff, crashes dad’s classic car during race (video)

Flying around a tight corner at an estimated 80 mph, rally driver George Miedecke, a NASCAR driver who was racing his father’s classic 1970 Ford Capri Perana only because of his old man’s back injury, flew off a cliff and crashed into the water after being unable to navigate the curve.

Miedecke’s father, Andrew, a local racing legend, reportedly had two simple instructions for his son prior to the race held in Tasmania, Australia: “Don’t crash and don’t come in second.” Unfortunately for the younger Miedecke, he was unable to follow up on either of his father’s simple and explicit caveats.

Video follows:

Prior to Miedecke making his spectacular splash, the hairpin turn, part of the 124-mile course featured in the Targa Wrest Point rally, already had claimed one victim who was driving a Subaru WRX STI which the classic Ford crashed into following its plummet.

Amazingly, Miedecke and his co-driver, Daniel Wilson, were relatively unharmed and uninjured in the crash. Explained Miedecke (via Mail Online):

“It was a tightening corner and obviously somehow we got it wrong, either in the pace notes or I made a mistake, I’m not sure.

“We weren’t even pushing that hard, but when you go into a corner that tightens more than you expect it to, there’s not much you can do.

“Luckily Daniel and I are both ok.”

Sadly, the car was not. And while George and his co-driver walked away unscathed in the magnificent crash, I imagine that while relieved, Papa Miedecke could not believe what his son just did to his beloved car.