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Hanley Ramirez is writing the Twitter handles of critics on his bat (video)

Apparently, Miami Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez receives his fair share of abuse courtesy of folks hassling him via his Twitter account. Further, it appears that Mr. Ramirez has taken notice. What’s more, it seems that one Hanley Ramirez, to quote the great part-time pacifist Popeye, has had all he can stands and he can’t stands no more.

How so? According to the above video, Ramirez has developed a unique way to respond to those in the Twitterverse who have criticized him: he has started writing down the Twitter handles on his bat with a magic marker.

Now that is some sweet, sweet comeuppance, albeit a strange way of going about it. Yet, I suppose whatever method Ramirez chooses to utilize to properly motivate himself is entirely up to him, as long as it’s effective. At least that’s what Marlins fans are probably hoping.