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Boy, Own Goals in soccer don’t get much worse than this gargantuan gaffe (video)

There are “Own Goal Gaffes” and there are “Gargantuan Own Goal Gaffes,” and friends, the own goal embarrassingly booted in by Ashraf Soliman in the 89th minute during a match between Soliman’s Maccabi Umm al-Fahm squad and Hapoel Afula certainly falls into the latter category.

With his team leading 2-1 in the closing minutes of the match, Soliman, apparently quite confused or dealing with a bout of extreme clumsiness, chipped the ball from about eight yards out right into his team’s goal. Derp. My assumption is that Soliman was trying to kick the ball wide of the goal and out of bounds in order to bring about a corner kick, but failed miserably.

But fortunately for Soliman, his story, unlike most of this nature, has a rare happy ending. You see, his status as an Own Goal Goat was short-lived, as he ultimately scored the deciding goal in the 97th minute of additional match time…the additional time that was caused by his epic error. Good for him.

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