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Rangers postgame host Al Trautwig suffers mini-meltdown over no-goal call (video)


During Monday night’s New York Rangers-New Jersey Devils game, there was a questionable no-goal call by the referees that ultimately decided the outcome of the game. As you will see below, Rangers postgame host on MSG, veteran broadcaster Al Trautwig, is none too pleased with how it played out, as it ended up short-changing the Rangers the tying goal with 3.5 seconds remaining on the clock in the third period, as the Devils went on to win by a score of 1-0.

And by none too pleased, I of course mean that Trautwig suffered an eruption that only can be considered a petit mal seizure of fury, as in he was quite composed beforehand, explodes in white-hot fury for a moment, only to return to an even-handed, professional demeanor in an instant.

The video of the questionable play and Trautwig’s reaction follow.

First, to provide the necessary context, the controversial no-goal:

And to save the best for last, Trautwig’s explosion of rage:

“…an absolutely BRUTAL CALL!!!” Ha.

Amazing, is it not? Calm, cool and collected one second, raging lunatic for a but a brief flash of a moment and then like a switch was turned, back to relative normalcy. Unreal.

[H/T Awful Announcing]