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In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13’s ‘Legacy Challenge’, you can start off as Toddler Tiger (video)

Pretty awesome — if not a bit disturbing.

Apparently, in the soon-to-be-released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (Mar. 27), you can take on the enormous responsibility of guiding Toddler Tiger through the rigors of youthful competition, as explained in the YouTube description as follows:

Watch as Tiger Woods goes from child prodigy to golf legend in this epic video! Tiger Legacy Challenge features all of the different eras from Tiger’s storied career. Do you have what it takes to re-write the record books?

To answer the question: I’m not entirely sure. Is there any way you can help Child Prodigy Tiger from making the same mistakes the grown-up version of him made as Horndogger Tiger? Because that would be interesting.

Also, I’m a bit concerned that I didn’t see any challenges where you have to help Tyke Tiger navigate through an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show. Or, for that matter, accumulate enough experience points so the video game version of Tiger is better able to withstand the unreasonable demands on his life and youth at the hands of his overbearing father. You know, to adequately encompass the entire “Tiger Woods as a Child” experience.

[H/T Wei Under Par]