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Greg Jones’ Mom Does Not Approve Of His Fiance&#233: A Photo Essay

One of the more heartwarming stories — for all the hopeless romantics out there — to come out of the Super Bowl was how New York Giants linebacker Greg Jones took to bended knee to propose to his girlfriend immediately after winning the Super Bowl.

Fortunately, the aftermath of the entire romantic scene was captured on video, but perhaps more importantly for the purposes of this post, a photog happened to be nearby to properly document the proposal as well. And if you look closely in the background, Jones’ mother is ever-present in the photos, and she does not look happy about what had just transpired in front of her.

The photo essay continues below.

Ouch. If looks could kill, right? Good luck with all that, FianceƩ of Greg Jones Lady. May you enjoy many years of awkward, anger-infused interactions with your mother-in-law.

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