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Giants fan taunts Patriots fans on UMass campus, things end as one would expect (video)

The above video provides a valuable lesson to any of you die-hard fans out there who throw caution to the wind after a big victory by your favorite team and make the egregious error of stumbling into enemy territory and proceed to taunt fans of the team your beloved squad just vanquished: you might get sucker punched. Deservedly.

Case in point: this mouth-breathing woodhead sporting a Victor Cruz jersey during what was reported as “large-scale disturbance” that occurred on the UMass campus on Sunday, shortly after the New England Patriots were defeated by the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. As you can see in the video, Victor Cruz jersey-wearing woodhead even breaks into a salsa dance as he gleefully celebrates, right in the faces of distraught, angry and presumably overstimulated Patriots fans.

Salsa-Dancing, Victor Cruz Jersey-Wearing, Giants Fan Woodhead Guy eludes trouble — or at the very least, physical repercussions — for his taunting antics for a short period of time. That is, until he makes his way deeper into the crowd, where he is sucker-punched by an unhappy Patriots fan who delivers a fistful of comeuppance. Hate to say it, but this guy kind of had it coming.

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