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Sasha Cohen appeared on ‘Today’ wearing low-cut skating outfit and it was nice (video)

Sasha Cohen Wears Revealing Outfit on ‘Today’Funny videos are here

The lovely, talented and extremely flexible figure skater Sasha Cohen has been a longtime favorite here at the Sportress (note on the previous links: Jeez, was I a perverted cad way back when — good thing I have grown up since then), so imagine my joy when I came across Guyism’s story where I learned that Miss Cohen appeared on Today this morning. What impressed me most — okay, not most, but you know what I mean — is what a good head she has on her shoulders: taking classes at Columbia, talking about the stock market and whatnot. Impressive.

But the highlight is her skating performance and the spectacular outfit she’s wearing. And she wears it so very well, wouldn’t you agree? Good for her. And best of luck to her in her classes at Columbia. What a charming young lady.