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The Full-Length Version Of Adriana Lima’s Kia Super Bowl Commercial, Anyone? (Video)

Yeah, I figured at least some of you in Internetland might be interested.

So, I’m watching Today this morning and Ann Curry was doing an interview with some advertising expert. It was the standard, awkward interview Ms. Curry excels at, but that’s not important right now. What is important regarding the interview was that Adriana Lima’s smoking Super Bowl ad for Kia was prominently featured.

Up until Wednesday, as far as I can ascertain, only snippets and preview videos were available online, but Kia uploaded the full-length version of the Adriana Lima Vehicle Promoting Their Vehicle, the 2012 Kia Optima, which can be viewed below.

The commercial also features Motley Crüe performing “Kickstart My Heart” (boy do they look old) as well as MMA star Chuck Liddel, but once again, that’s not important right now. As it reads in the YouTube description, “Get ready to have your subconscious kicked in the face.”

All in all, a pretty cool concept for an ad. A Mister Sandman-esque little person sneaks out of a closet to sprinkle some “Sweet Dreams Dust” on a couple setting off to slumber. While the gal only gets a sprinkle, the sweet dreams fairy accidentally spills the magic pixie dust all over the guy, then all hell breaks loose (Sweet Dreams Pixie Dust is a helluva drug), including the presence of aforementioned individuals and a gaggle of gals in the crowd as the guy zooms around a racetrack in the Optima. Nicely done, but one thing: needs more Adriana Lima. The only thing I’m left wondering is if Miss Adriana had a breast fluffer on the set while the commercial was shot. One can only hope.