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Taiwanese Animation Settles The Eli Manning Vs. Tom Brady Elite QB Debate, Sort Of (Video)

Actually, the video from NMA World Edition settles nothing insofar as the debate regarding whether Tom Brady or Eli Manning reigns supreme in the Elite Quarterback Pantheon, but it’s animated and fun, so there you have it. You know, because the Super Bowl is this weekend, in case you haven’t heard.

After breaking down the rivalry in a way only NMA World Edition can, the video points out, statistically speaking, that Aaron Rodgers is the true elite quarterback in the NFL. So, was the video was much ado about nothing, you ask?

Of course not. It was funny because is featured Eli Manning running over playoff rivals while driving an ambulance as well as later transforming into a childish country bumpkin due to the aura and sophistication of the Golden Boy, Tom Brady.

Also, Tom Brady doing some skeet shooting as he blasts NFL records out of the air with a pistol was also pretty neat. See? Funny.