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Here’s ESPN’s Video Of Rachel Nichols And Others Doing The Zip Line Challenge

The plan on Wednesday was for the ESPN anchor/reporter team of Trey Wingo and Rachel Nichols to take on NFL analysts Merril Hoge and Chris Carter in a race on the zip line which is a feature of the many Super Bowl-related festivities presently taking place in Indianapolis. Sadly, one of the above four opted out after being fitted with the gear and everything. Take a guess who chickened out? Had to be Miss Nichols, right? No rough and tumble guy would ever wuss out on something like this, especially if a member of the fairer sex was all Gung Ho about doing it.

Chris Carter. Wow.  So, Rachel Nichols did it but Chris Carter flat-out refused? Ouch. How emasculating that must have been for Carter. And how about Merril Hoge cheating? Actually, that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Anything to win, right, Merril? And I must admit I am a bit disappointed that when Rachel Nichols was talking while still harnessed she didn’t sign off with her trademark way of saying, “ESPN.” That’s her bit.