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Here’s A-Rod Posing For A Photo In An Airport While Holding An US Weekly Magazine

A reader named Carl passed along the above photo to Deadspin that he took at about 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning at the Miami airport featuring none other than Alex Rodriguez and a couple of Carl’s buddies. What makes this photo especially amusing is the magazine tucked under A-Rod’s arm: an issue of Us Weekly.

The scene, as relayed to Deadspin by Carl:

We saw a guy getting driven around in a cart, turned out to be A-Rod, we followed the cart where it was stopped as he was browsing through magazines. One of my friends claimed he picked up a Hustler prior to the Us Weekly.

He was nice enough to shake our hands and we asked him for a pic, he said, “Sure, you ready?” I fumbled for my phone then another magazine caught his eye and suddenly he walked away. Our group was deflated, thinking we let the opportunity slip. A-Rod then picked up a magazine, walked back towards us, and said, “Take the pic.” And that was that.

┬áMore or less, it’s a fairly nondescript story. A-Rod seems like a nice enough guy. He wasn’t rude or standoffish, but there is something oddly enjoyable about the fact that even Alex Rodriguez picks up crappy magazines at airport newsstands just like the rest of us, although the likelihood of him being featured in said crappy magazine is much more likely. Also more likely: A-Rod getting asked to pose for a photo while performing the menial task of picking up reading materials for a presumed flight. If someone ever snapped a photo of me in an airport, it probably would be due to the fact that I am super awesome and devastatingly handsome. And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.