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And Now, A Disturbing Photo Of A Man Getting Gored By A Bull In The Crotchal Region

¡Hay Caramba!

Going out on a limb here, but I suspect what is occurring in the profoundly disturbing photo above is not what this guy had in mind when he woke up that particular morning. But then again, when a person wakes up and says, “You know what? Today feels like the kind of day where I want to get into close proximity with raging, stampeding bulls,” it certainly leaves an individual open to suffering such a horrific fate.

Caption (via BuzzFeed/Reuters):

A man is being gored by a bull as others run during the annual Candlemas celebrations in Tlacotalpan, Mexico, February 1, 2012. A pack of bulls is let loose to rampage through the streets for hours as crowds taunt them as part of the week-long religious celebration.

Yeah, a week-long religious celebration. Methinks this poor, possibly now sack-less sack found religion about 3 seconds before this photo was snapped. The look of complete and abject terror and pain on his face really says it all, does it not?