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MLB Network To Air Live Broadcast Of Jose Reyes Getting A Haircut

Back when former New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes signed a 6-year, $106 million contract with the Miami Marlins in December, ironically-named Marlins owner David Samson made it quite clear that he expected to Reyes to follow team rules against long hair and would have to get his dreadlocks cut off prior to spring training.

Well, the time has arrived for Reyes to part ways with his long hair, something that was announced on social media by his agent Chris Leible, who tweeted, “It’s official: Jose Reyes will cut off his trademark long hair Friday on the MLB Network. More details to follow.” Fantastic.

It is understandable that the MLB Network is likely a bit desperate for some current programming at this point in time, with the scheduled reporting dates for pitchers and catchers still a few weeks away, but broadcasting a haircut live? There has got to be something better they could air on a Friday. For example, look at the caliber of quality shows offered by the major networks on Friday nights…

(looks at network listings for Friday evenings)

Um, never mind, MLB Network. Go ahead and air this ridiculous programming. But at least ensure some celebrity stylist will be there with scissors and clippers in hand to work their magic on Reyes’ hair. Perhaps Nick Arrojo. Yes, I reluctantly admit that I am familiar with Mr. Arrojo’s work on What Not To Wear. I’m married, it goes with the territory.

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