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Here’s Marisol Gonzalez Dancing With Giants Players And A Pats Player Holding A Bra

I know a good bit when I see it (example: here), so I’ll keep riding the Marisol Gonzalez Bandwagon Train until it pulls into the station for a re-fitting of that ultra-tight red dress which I imagine will require the jaws of life.

Here is the lovely Mexican reporter dancing with Giants players who are wearing sombreros. Olé!

More pics of Gonzalez shaking it with Giants players below, as well as an interesting photo featuring The Insider‘s Ciara giving New England Patriots Sergio Brown an interesting article of womenswear.

And finally, for some unknown reason, Patriots safety Sergio Brown was holding a bra while being interviewed by Ciara from The Insider:

Huh. That’s strange. According to BuzzFeed, Brown was told that the bra belonged to Madonna, and to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s a joke or a realistic explanation for what is occurring in the above photo. Weird stuff.