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Heads Exploding, Panda Assists Highlight Griffin’s Dunk On Perkins (Taiwanese Animation)

In the latest sports-related installment from NMA World Edition, the creators of the always-bizarre Taiwanese Animation Treatment videos reveal their take on Los Angeles Clippers dunkmaster Blake Griffin’s epic slamma jamma on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins.

Among the amusing — yet borderline psychotic — imagery featured:

  • fans, upon witnessing a powerful Griffin dunk, begin to convulse violently from excitement before their heads explode in Scanners-like fashion
  • Griffin being assisted by a Panda on a dunk through flaming hoops, illustrating how difficult it will be for Griffin to one-up his own dunking prowess
  • to complete the aforementioned illustration, Griffin falls into a tiger pit after said Panda-assisted dunk and proceeds to get mauled
  • Griffin hopping in a time machine to go back in time so he can outdunk Michael Jordan

All in all, a solid effort. But shouldn’t Kendrick Perkins’ head have exploded, too? Maybe I’m being too nitpicky.