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Yeah, Kid Who Trampoline Dunks While On Cell Phone Is Just Some Random Fan (Video)

Actually, at first I totally believed that this young man who performed the stupefying stunt of slamming down a dunk after jumping off a trampoline while chatting way on his cell phone very well could be just some random kid plucked from the stands at a recent Washington Wizards Game, but then he went too far and proceeded to do a sequence of back flips afterward during which his shirt falls off.

Sure, doing a trampoline dunk while on cell phone? Practically anybody could do that, but then a bunch of back flips? Come on, who do the Wizards take us for, a bunch of chumps? They flew way too close to the sun on wings of gullibility if you ask me. If that was possible.

Note: I just recalled that this video is pretty old, but I’ll keep the post up since it’s so patently absurd.

[via Reddit]