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Wow, Check Out This Lucas Oil Stadium Model Made Entirely Out Of Legos (Pics/Video)

Created by Brian Alano, the above Lego version of Lucas Oil Stadium — which originally debuted at the Indiana State Fair last summer — is now sitting front and center during Super Bowl Week as it is prominently displayed right next to Radio Row. Alano spared no detail in his impressive creation, as it features a functioning roof, a JumboTron and a capacity crowd.

Constructed out of 30,000 bricks and 1085 minifigs, the Lego Lucas Oil Stadium is built to 1:250 scale. Impressive. In fact, with all the bells and whistles, it practically puts this Lego version of Ohio Stadium to shame and that’s saying something.

Video and additional photos follow.

And here’s some video of the Lego Lucas Oil Stadium in action:

Man, that is pretty dang impressive. And here I sit proud of the fact that I built the Ultra Lego version of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Which is pretty cool in its own right, but nothing like this bad boy. First of all, the Imperial Star Destroyer had directions and stuff.

(more photos of Alano’s work here)

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