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The NFL Turned An Indy Minor League Ballpark Into A Ginormous Beach (Video)

The Super Bowl: an event so grand even an Indianapolis winter cannot prevent a lavish beach party from being held in honor of it.

From Rum Bunter (via Big League Stew) comes this video showcasing the amount of work that went into transforming Victory Field, the home ballpark of the Indianapolis Indians, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, into a gigantic 54,000 square-foot beach.

A massive tent sprawls across the outfield where 700 tons of sand were brought in and dumped so that 5,000 people can pretend they are not in Indianapolis in February.

Among the festivities to be held in the manufactured beach environment: the 6th annual DirecTV celebrity beach flag football game on Saturday and following that on Saturday night, the “beach” will be transformed into an upscale nightclub where a party will be held featuring a musical performance by Katy Perry. Sounds grand.

In fact, I bet if you blindfolded Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon and dragged them into the middle of the tent, they would have no idea they weren’t hanging out right next to the ocean, just like the did in their “Beach Party” movies from the ’60s. You know, as opposed to some tent sitting in the outfield of a minor league ballpark in Indiana. Mostly because the two of them are very old but also because the NFL knows how to put on a good party. Let’s hope it’s just the latter.