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New England WR Tiquan Underwood Got The Patriots Logo Shaved Into His Head (Pic)

Killer. If an NFL player is actually going to have the logo of the team he plays for shaved into the back of his head, doing so in advance of Super Bowl Media Day is probably the best time for it. At least that appears to be the logic employed by New England Patriots wide receiver Tiquan Underwood as he went under the razor to have the Patriots logo etched into his hair. The photo above was tweeted by Underwood on Jan. 28 but the Twitterverse really caught fire over it when the Patriots Twitter account tweeted the below photo of Underwood as he greeted the media just a short time ago Tuesday morning:

Awesome. And do you know what? The logo really adds a “Gotta Support The Team” mentality to that Kid N’ Play-esque hairdo he’s rocking. This guy is almost 2 Hype if you ask me.