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Off Topic: ‘Adriana Lima’s Boob Fluffer’ Might Be The Best Job In The World (Photo)

Forget might be. It is the best job in the world, or at the very least, the breast job. Ha. Get it?

Gorgeous goddess Adriana Lima was recently in St. Barts when photogs captured another individual performing the unenviable task of adjust the supermodel’s boobs so they don’t just look spectacular in the upcoming batch of photos, but look prettay prettay prettay prettay prettay prettay spectacular. An important distinction, to be sure.

Now, how does one go about landing this coveted dream job? So many questions. Can a man be hired for this job? Are there vocational schools that offer this as a degree program? Everything aside, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t even need a salary or an hourly wage to perform the work entailed in the job description. Crap, I’d happily do it as an unpaid internship.

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