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Just So You Know, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Is Not A Real Doctor (Video)

Not only did Boston Celtics head coach lead his team to an improbable victory Thursday night, erasing a 27-point deficit to storm back for a thrilling 91-83 victory over the stunned Orlando Magic. He also took some time to show off is comedic chops and to make clear that he’s not a real doc, he only plays one on NBA benches.

Checking on Jameer Nelson after the Magic guard appeared to tweak his ankle during a drive to the basket, Rivers informs Nelson that he’s not a real doctor, he’s just Doc Rivers and then tell Nelson to tell everybody about the two’s one-sided, witty repartee.

Rivers’ clever little joke made me think: what if a coach was actually named “Coach”? Would players refer to him as Coach Coach? Because that would be funny.

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