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Hey Look, Another Parent Exploiting Their Kid’s Sports-Related Misery (Video)

Ah yes, this seems to be developing into quite the trend as of later: a parent recording their child’s outward expression of misery after they have just suffered through watching one of their favorites teams lose a big game (here is but one example of many).

Well, the latest one I have come across features this adorable little tyke who is absolutely crestfallen that his beloved San Francisco 49ers lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship. To this young boy’s credit, he seems to compose himself after a little coddling by his dad and says that despite his heartbreak, he will still watch the Super Bowl. Nice work by dad here to right the weeping ship, as it were.

But really, just watching these videos makes me thankful that there wasn’t YouTube back when I was a wee lad. The worst thing my parents could do back then to traumatize me was show pictures of me as a baby in the bathtub to a girlfriend. Well, that and abandon me at the Grand Canyon, but to be honest, I really had that coming.