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Funny Or Die’s Fame Makers Teach L.A. Kings Players How To Be Famous (Video)

The Fame Makers with the Los Angeles Kings from Anze Kopitar

The fact that the Fame Makers (Neil Campbell and Mike Hanford) are teaching Los Angeles Kings players Mike Richards, Anze Kopitar, Matt Greene and Drew Doughty the ins and outs of achieving fame makes a lot of sense, given their monikers. If the duo were called, say, sandwich makers, this video would be entirely different and take on a much different, much more boring tone. Or Dame Makers, even. I mean, these four rough and tumble NHL players dressed up like that Dane Edna character? Now that would be weird. And pretty cool. Hmm…

Moving on, the Fame Makers attempt to show the guys the ropes about become über-famous and how to go from merely being athletes to being celebrities. Step Two involves the Fame Makers helping Drew Doughty come up with a signature move. That doesn’t go so well.

But in the end, it looks like the Fame Makers have the guys well on their way to reaching for the stars and then, becoming one. Good work by everyone.

Step Two, of course, is the need to date a celebrity. And who better to go after than one Kim Kardashian? Anze Kopitar is up to the challenge — at least via cell phone — and despite Kim K. believing that he plays for the Sacramento Kings and not the Los Angeles Kings in the skit, Kim takes him up on the offer, which is probably exactly how it would go in real life. You know, because she’s a hussy and stuff.

Step Three? Excessive Celebrations, obviously. But the boys’ attempts to come up with “wild and whacky” goal celebrations, but after the suggestion that the guys wear a t-shirt under their jerseys with a message written on it, they fail to come up with something witty or clever. “I Love You Mom”, “I Love You Grandma”, “I Love You Justin Bieber”? Sheesh.

Step Four: Launch A Music Career. Mike Richards tries dropping some rhymes. Yep.

Step Five: Bloopers, something that will get the guys on every show in the country.  This is some solid stuff. Matt Greene: Prankster!

In the end, it looks like the Fame Makers are well on their way to not only having the guys from the Kings reaching for the stars but becoming stars themselves. Good job all around.