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Joey The Junior Reporter Puts The Moves On NHL Network’s Heidi Androl (Video)

The 2012 NHL Fantasy Draft was held on Thursday night in Ottawa and if there’s one video you need to see from the festivities, it’s this one. For those unfamiliar with the wee lad, he goes by Joey The Junior Reporter, he’s a spry six-years-old and he has been adorably plying his trade for the past few years covering the Chicago Blackhawks. And despite his youthful appearance, you should not underestimate him. The kid knows his hockey. And after watching the above video, I have also learned he’s got more game as it relates to macking on the ladies than most adult males.

Watch how he just goes for it while kicking back and chatting with NHL Network’s Heidi Androl, Relaxed and leaning back on the couch, he blows right past the small talk and cuts to the chase by asking Androl if she dates younger men. Awesome. Well done, kid.

Taken aback, Androl says she supposes she’s going to have to make an exception for Joey the Junior Reporter, which really doesn’t indicate one way or the other how she feels about this suave young gentlemen putting the moves on her, although she does add “maybe now” before moving on.

Undeterred, Joey the Junior Reporter goes all in like a big bear with claws and with fangs and big friggin’ teeth and treats her like she’s a bunny cowering in the corner when he smoothly says, “Maybe tonight I can buy you a steak.” Brilliant. No shame in his game.

I only wonder what kind of steak Heidi Androl ordered. Oh, I know: whatever steak Joey the Junior Reporter ordered for her. Because that’s how Joey the Junior Reporter rolls.

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