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The Marlins Really Are Building That Nightmare Fuel Home Run Celebration Thing (Pics)

When it was first announced last fall that the Miami Marlins were planning to build a pseudo-psychedelic, nightmare-fuel generating monstrosity (for a primer, click here) in center field of their new ballpark that would delight the senses and terrify the children every time a home run was hit when Marlins Park opens for the 2012 season, I thought perhaps the organization would change course and opt for something a little less…disturbing.

But no. The new Marlins ballpark has a webcam, which has been chronicling the construction, and in doing so, is documenting the process on the Home Run Celebration Nightmare Fuel Thingy. Thankfully, SB Nation performed the yeoman’s task of taking some screengrabs of the process (including pointing out things like bulldozers, cherry pickers and humans to properly illustrate just how enormous the blasted thing will be upon completion) and as you can see, it’s real and it appears it will be exactly how it was originally idealized:

Be afraid, Marlins fans, be very afraid.