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Man Charged With Animal Cruelty, Allegedly Kicked Kitten Like A Football

(image via the Chicago Sun-Times)

A man from the South Side of Chicago has been charged with animal cruelty after police officers said they personally witnessed him kick his pet kitten 15 feet after taking a running start. To make matters worse and the man’s reported inhuman actions far more deplorable, the man allegedly raised his arms and made the signal for “field goal” afterward.

Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

The officers immediately arrested a laughing Percy Love, 22, after he allegedly kicked the small black cat Monday afternoon in the 6200 block of South Campbell, police said.

He told officers: “This is my cat, Nightmare. He is tough, we play like that all the time. It’s just a cat,” police said.

Surprisingly — and more importantly, thankfully — Nightmare is reportedly “doing quite well” according to a message posted on Animal Care and Control Director Cherie Travis’s Facebook page. Love, on the other hand, is not doing quite as well — and if the terrible allegations prove to be accurate, deservedly so — as he is being held on a $50,000 bond with his next hearing currently scheduled for Feb. 1. At the risk of editorializing, may I just ask: what is wrong with people?